clipf bugs

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  1. item code does not have to be unique (but program appears to only use most recently created item with particular code.)
  2. When deleting items, prod rm <code> will delete all items whose item code begins <code>. Don't appear to be able to not do this. This is how it is described as working in the manual, but doesn't seem very desirable.
  3. Documentation does not use consistent naming (e.g. switches between calling things "Products" and "Items").
  4. In reports, I don't know which number refers to what (expenses, income, carry-over, etc.)
  5. No way to delete operations, accounts
  6. No way to update operations, accounts, items(?)
  7. Operation's income/expense field not updated when moved to a different Item
  8. For "rep prod" option "-a" not recognised, despite it being in manual
  9. If there exists only operations on items of type "income" then "rep prod" leads to division by zero. Assuming it works out percentage by items expense / total expense operations, but if no expense operations exist then this is 0
    • This applies equally well if you are doing "rep prod" on a item category where subitems only include income operations
    • If I have an item category just for my deposits and income, then cannot view this using report
  10. Doesn't have nice reports which separate accounts. Hard to tell if money has been moved from one to another
  11. Doesn't support recurring payments easily
  12. "op ls" doesn't include amount

Author: Dominic Walden

Created: 2017-09-09 Sat 15:52

Emacs 24.4.1 (Org mode 8.2.10)